Issue 43
Dec 2017

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•   Message from CINEC
•   Gift Exchanges
•   Star Students
•   School News
•   Going Global in Education
•   CINEC Network
•   Announcements

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Message from CINEC

Welcome back to another CINEC newsletter. The holiday season is upon us and our teachers and students have been busy preparing for different festivities that we’re sure you will hear about in next month’s newsletter. While it is a time for celebration and joy, hard work is just around the corner as midterm examinations, university applications and report cards will be upcoming; just in time for the wonderful Chinese New Year Holiday break...

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Last year, we wrote an article on the winter holiday tradition of decorating trees, buildings, and other things with Christmas lights. Families and friends flocked to various ...

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Jason is a star student. He’s an easy-going boy with a clever brain. It’s always easy for him to do hard questions, so he does well in every course. His dream is to design houses so he might study architecture in university. He thinks it’s very...

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Shanghai Nanmo Private High School BC Offshore Program

“Jingle bells, Jingle bells.” As the exciting rhythms of Christmas songs echo in our hearts, we are surrounded by...

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Jiaxing Senior High School BC Offshore Program

On November 29th and 30th, our BCOS boys and girls basketball teams went to Sino-Canada School in Suzhou for...

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Luwan Senior High School BC Offshore Program

On November 24th, 2017, Luwan Senior High School’s British Columbia Offshore Program held a parents-teacher meeting...

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Canadian Secondary Wenzhou No. 22 School BC Offshore Program

In a well-deserved upset from the establishing Black-Gray rivalry, Yellow house managed to become the victorious...

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The world is going global, specifically where education is concerned. The diaspora of post-secondary students ...

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Alan Lu

Hello, my name is Alan, a freshman at the University of Washington and a former graduate student from Shanghai Nanyang Model Private High School. I intend to major in Political Science and Journalism ...

CINEC Network

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Important Information for all Graduates and Parents:

We at CINEC Education Group (Canada) are here to assist you in numerous ways through the university transition process. If you need help with obtaining a study permit, visa, homestay accommodation or just general information or advice regarding various Canadian universities, you can turn to CINEC as an excellent option. We have a dedicated staff here in Vancouver who is ready to help you in a variety of ways. Feel free to contact us at