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Issue 39
Summer 2017

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An eventful summer has passed and we now look forward to another exciting school year. We’ve said farewell to some teachers and fellow students and now we welcome a class of Grade 10s...

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Every year, CINEC provides a unique and exciting opportunity for our students to participate in a two-week English summer camp. Students went to a British Columbia high school in Vancouver for class every morning and then in the afternoon and on the weekend, students toured around Vancouver and Vancouver Island. We all had a fantastic time learning and exploring beautiful British Columbia. Here’s what the students had to say about their trip to Vancouver:

Along our way to the Rocky Mountains, there are oceans of forests covered in fog on the mountains. The trees there grow straight up to the sky, and I can rarely see the top from the roots. When walking through the forest, flowers under those "skyscrapers" nod at us, smiling. It feels like a dream. - Vicky

What I liked most was the British Columbia Icefield, because I got the opportunity to taste the water from the glaciers which was really pure and sweet. I also laid on the ice to feel the extremely freezing cold. - John

The most impressive thing during the trip is the Rocky Mountains. That's the first time we went to glaciers. Although it's so cold there, we enjoyed the cool wind and special sight there. - Brenda

During the trip to Canada, I got a really good opportunity to see how the country where I will study and have fun in the future looks like. I was wondering how would the Canadian drivers deal with the pedestrians when there were no traffic lights before this journey. As soon as I arrived in Vancouver, I witnessed that all the drivers would give the passerby enough time to cross the road without any honking which gave me a deep impression. - Kevin

One of my favorite parts of this trip was that I met an excellent teacher in my school life, Ms. Deb. She let us choose the class content we liked, and gave us a lot of creative homework to do, such as the drama of a Chinese zodiac. Every student took part in the Chinese Fairy Tale Drama and performed at the closing ceremony. Instead of criticizing our inspirational work, she encouraged us. We are very grateful to the teacher. - Gary

Below are some pictures of the summer program:

The students meet their homestay hosts.   The students having class with their English teacher, Mr. Green.
The students doing an activity with their English teacher, Mr. Litt.   The students enjoying cool, clear water on a warm sunny day.
The students rest under the shade during the hike at Lynn Canyon.   The students stop for a picture at Granville Island.
Students at the Harbour in Victoria.   Students strolling along the seawall at Stanley Park.

Students on the blue Tower at George C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary.
Students feeding ducks at the Bird Sanctuary.   Students with Mr. Litt at Canada Place.
Students enjoying a day at Science World.   Students with certificates from the Vancouver School Board.

Students at the Closing Ceremony.

This summer, 35 students that just completed Grade 10 at Canadian Secondary Wenzhou No. 22 School spent two weeks studying and practicing English in New Westminster, BC, and visited multiple attractions in Vancouver. You can read more about the Summer Program in our other article. These two weeks were not the end of the trip for our CSW students and teachers. They spent another week in Eastern Canada touring six of the top universities in Canada, and visiting some of Canada’s most famous attractions.

The group started in Montreal, staying in a hotel-style dormitory at McGill University, Canada’s highest ranking university. Their tour guide Mr. Li guided them to some of Montreal’s major attractions including Mont Royal, Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal Olympic Stadium, and Old Montreal, explaining interesting historical details about each. They were able to enjoy both the natural beauty and architectural beauty of Montreal.

Besides visiting city attractions, the students also went on a campus tour with tour guides that are upper-year students still currently studying at McGill. They were brought to some of the more interesting areas of the campus and given valuable information about the university and its programs.

From Montreal, the students also travelled to Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Waterloo and Hamilton; went on campus tours at five other universities; and stayed in different types of dorms along the way. Each campus tour offered a different perspective on university life. The tour guides often gave interesting and unique facts specific to the university. Here’s what some students had to say about the universities:

“Most universities pay attention to the environment and do a great job in sorting garbage.” – Cassie

“I like McMaster University because it’s quiet and beautiful.” – Harry

Their last full day on this trip was spent at Niagara Falls, which is probably Canada’s most famous tourist attraction. They were lucky enough to enjoy a boat ride close to the waterfalls right before a rainstorm hit the area. The students didn’t have much to complain about though. They enjoyed beautiful sunny weather for most of the trip and got to experience a spectrum of Canadian culture.

After visiting each campus, we hope the students have gained some useful information and have something to look forward to in two more years. For now, they are back in school starting their Grade 11 year.

Mont Royal Chalet   Beaver Lake
Inside Mont Royal Chalet   Notre-Dame Basilica   Students getting breakfast at New Residence Hall at McGill

Famous Montreal smoked meat sandwich
University of McGill   Campus tour at the University of McGill
Rideau Hall in Ottawa   Ballroom inside Rideau Hall

Group picture on Ottawa's Parliament Hill
Enjoying the new cafeteria at the University of Ottawa   Campus tour at the University of Ottawa
Welcome to Queen's University   Outside a residence building at Queen's
Campus tour at the University of Toronto   Wonderful tour guide at the University of Waterloo!
Faculty of Environmental Studies at Waterloo   Info session at Waterloo
Mary E. Keyes Residence at McMaster University   Breakfast at a local diner by McMaster
Niagara Falls   Getting wet on a boat tour by the Niagara Falls

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