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Issue 31
Nov 2016

Message from CINEC

This month our students participated in a large university fair where they had the opportunity to visit different booths and talk to representatives from different universities and colleges across Canada. Our students are staying informed as they have some big decisions to make ahead. They have now received their first report card of the year and no one is exempt from needing improvement. Everyone has room to grow and improve in every subject and we are confident that our students will work hard in the coming months. We are also confident that our teachers will do their best to help our students learn the subject material and grow in their confidence to speak English. Our teachers are also learning and growing in their profession. Near the beginning of the month, the teachers...

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In this issue

•   Message from CINEC
•   CINEC Professional Development Weekend
•   Star Students
•   School News
•   Carleton University: It’s Anything But Textbook
•   CINEC Network
•   Canadian Standard English (CSE)
•   Announcements

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“Anything But Textbook” was a slogan first put out by Carleton University in 2009 to reflect their goal and...

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Cymbeline Guo

Hello Luwaners, This is Cymbeline from Penn State in the United States. It’s a Sunday night and I am writing to you in the middle of studying for...

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Every year, the local Wenzhou government selects close to fifteen people from Wenzhou’s foreign expat community to be...


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Important Information for all Graduates and Parents:

We at CINEC Education Group (Canada) are here to assist you in numerous ways through the university transition process. If you need help with obtaining a study permit, visa, homestay accommodation or just general information or advice regarding various Canadian universities, you can turn to CINEC as an excellent option. We have a dedicated staff here in Vancouver who is ready to help you in a variety of ways. Feel free to contact us at


CINEC’s British Columbia Offshore School Program values professional development. Every year, all four of our B.C. Schools come together in one location to discuss; share; and present on contemporary research and...

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“So… My first question is what do you usually do in your spare time?” “Ummm…I think dancing ballet? I started dancing ballet since I was three years old.” “Oh my goodness… That’s a very long time! Do you ever feel tired or......

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Shanghai Nanmo Private High School BC Offshore Program

“Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer. But I not the only one...” Since I heard these...

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Jiaxing Senior High School BC Offshore Program

“JGBCOS, We are one! Sino, Canada, Fight, Fight, Fight!” As we shouted our slogan, the Sports Meeting kicked off. This...

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Luwan Senior High School BC Offshore Program

Track and Field has finally rung down the curtain on November 4th, 2016. Because of weather disturbances and lots...

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Canadian Secondary Wenzhou No. 22 School BC Offshore Program

Canadian Secondary Wenzhou is affiliated with the #22 Wenzhou Secondary School. Every year the #22 Wenzhou...

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