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Issue 24
Mar 2016

Message from CINEC

At 1 am on March 13th we “spring forward.” Although this is not a custom in China, every Canadian will change their clocks so that we “lose” one hour in order to gain longer days, days with more hours of light. Winter isn’t completely behind us, especially in certain parts of Canada, however, nature is slowly showing us that it is ready for a new season. Buds are popping up and blooms are beginning to burst open among the trees and in local gardens. With spring in the air, now is the time to visit the famous Butchart Gardens in Victoria, as well as...

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•   Message from CINEC
•   The Next Step
•   BC Botanical Gardens
•   Star Students
•   School News
•   Fairleigh Dickinson University
•   CINEC Network
•   Canadian Standard English (CSE)
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Bridging the gap between the American and Canadian education systems is Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU). In New Jersey, Fairleigh Dickinson emerged in 1942 as an institution “of and for the world.” As a the largest non-profit university in New Jersey, Fairleigh Dickinson now has...

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Fiorenza Ji

Hi fellow alumnae! My name is Fiorenza Ji, and I graduated in 2014 from Canadian Secondary Wenzhou No. 22 School. Currently I am...

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I started teaching at Jiaxing Nanhu International Experimental School in November 2015. In the short time I’ve been working...


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Important Information for all Graduates and Parents:

We at CINEC Education Group (Canada) are here to assist you in numerous ways through the university transition process. If you need help with obtaining a study permit, visa, homestay accommodation or just general information or advice regarding various Canadian universities, you can turn to CINEC as an excellent option. We have a dedicated staff here in Vancouver who is ready to help you in a variety of ways. Feel free to contact us at


As some of us begin to receive offers from colleges and universities, it is vital to know how to proceed, how to select the best school, and how to ensure that all necessary steps have been taken. We are here help! This document below will guide you through the process of choosing the best university for you. If you have further questions, please ask your principals, teachers, or the CINEC staff at the Vancouver head office....

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Spring is around the corner and flower blossoms are blooming all around the city. The beautiful colours of spring are taking over the dark and dreariness of winter. If you enjoy taking walks and looking at the wonders of nature, then why not visit a botanical garden? Two BC botanical gardens in particular are gearing up for thousands upon thousands of visitors during the next several months. If you ...

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Congratulations to Taylor Jiang from 10B who is Shanghai Nanyang Model Private High School’s Star Student of March! As a new member of Nanyang Model Private High School, Taylor has adapted to the new environment quickly. When she talked about her favorite memories of grade 10 so far, she answered that "Actually, everyday in Nanmo is enjoyable. Speaking of my favorite memories of grade 10, it would be......

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Shanghai Nanmo Private High School BC Offshore Program

The "Real Talk" competition is ongoing at Nanmo! During the competition,students are required to speak English...

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Jiaxing Senior High School BC Offshore Program

During the last several months, our Grade 12’s received over 70 offers. These offers mainly came from the top...

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Luwan Senior High School BC Offshore Program

Model United Nations is an academic competition and conference for students to simulate international diplomacy, to...

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Canadian Secondary Wenzhou No. 22 School BC Offshore Program

Tom is devoted to building models. For Tom, models have their special charm and can improve one’s ability. To start...

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