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Our Mission
To provide the highest quality education programs and services which are achievement driven and ensure the best possible academic and personal experiences for our educators and students.
Our Vision
To increase our global recognition as a leading educational program operator and service provider, with a wide range of specialized educational programs catering to various educational needs.
Our Values
We build on a solid foundation of principles and practice that are vital to our success. We create environments which foster creative, innovative and purposeful teaching and learning. These environments are based on active and inspired instruction, as well as academic achievement and success for all of our students and professionals.

Our programs reflect sound educational practices, including well-developed curricula, solid instructional design, innovative and effective teaching and objective evaluation.

Collaborative partnership is also a building block for the success of CINEC Group. Our effective partnerships with government and educational institutions over the years have helped build and strengthen cross-cultural appreciation and understanding, and serve our common objective in global education.